Great Wall foggy with Terracotta 1I’m an assistant professor of Political Science and Asian Studies at Union College in New York. In 2013-14, I was the An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. I’ve also been a visiting scholar at the School of Government at Beijing University and the Shandong Institute of East Asian Studies in Jinan, China. My work has been funded by a Fulbright fellowship, the Harvard-Yenching Institute, the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation, the National Security Education Program, the Blakemore Foundation, among many other smaller grants. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

My research and teaching focus on international and comparative political economy and development, China and the East Asian region, industrial and other policy fields, and the intersection of “big data” and qualitative research methods (concept formation, categorization and measurement). In 2012, I initiated a large and on-going project called the China Transactional Trade and Investment Data Project (CTTID). An important component of CTTID is a unique database on Chinese trade. Together with colleagues in Computer Science, Economics and Statistics, we have acquired and installed a large-scale database which records every import and export transaction conducted by Chinese firms between 2000 and 2006 (a few hundred million transactions in all). In addition, I have collected other large data sets, which I use to observe in detail the organization of Chinese, East Asian and trans-regional trade, FDI and production networks, all with an eye for better understanding both the organization of the international economy, as well as China’s integration with it and the policy implications of fragmented production for China and developing countries. This is a project with which many students have also been involved. The large-scale size of the databases mean that analysis is extraordinarily time consuming and ripe for collaboration.


Please feel free to contact me ( and let me know your interests if you would like to collaborate.

Using these data along with materials from extensive fieldwork in China, I am writing a book entitled Fragmented Development: China, East Asia and Emergent Global Production, which details the fragmentation of global production and trade, the effects on and adaptations of Beijing policymakers, local governments and producer groups, the role of industrial and other policies, and regional development. I also have many articles and book chapters on these topics.